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Zelio Control

Zelio Relays to control your machine and processes of the future!
A complete range of Control Relays combining simplicity, reliability and robustness

Zelio Control Relays protect your machine. By monitoring abnormal operating conditions on phase, current, voltage, frequency, speed or temperature, the machine will not be allowed to run when a fault is occured.It allows the user to initiate the necessary corrective actions before serious and costly breakdowns can occur.

PF143423_RM35Phase control / Current control / Voltage control / Liquid level control / Frequency control / Speed control / Temperature control / Pump control
Modular for din rail mounting
Single or Multifunction available
Self powered available for 3 phase range, wiring saving
True RMS value measurement(even on deformed sinus waves)
Positive logic output to protect the system at power lose
Adjustable time delay to prevent nuisance tripping
Settings protection by IP 50 sealable plastic cover against dust
Conformity to EN60255-1, IEC60255-1standards

A simple approach to monitor your equipments!
Control relays can satisfy all the monitoring requirements of mobile process control or network equipment
> Simple and accurate adjustments to achieve quick and easy setup.

Focus on our New Zelio Relay RM22/35 with advanced features

  • Innovative: Dial pointer LED indicator and” Diagnostic Button” to assist commissioning and trouble shooting
  • Simple and robust
  • Compliant to standards & certifications
  • QR code embedded to instruction sheet for easy setting



Suitable for a wide range of applications :

  • Hoisting: construction cranes, Harbor
  • Packaging: Motor voltage, current over load
  • Lifts: construction lifts, passenger lifts, escalators
  • Textile: motor voltage, current overload
  • Water: liquid level at WWW recycling plant on water tank


You can find more technical details about new Zelio RM22/35 models here:

Zelio_Control_RM22 modeli (0,5 MB)

Zelio_Control_RM35 modeli (0,2 MB)

Partner for Zagreb and Central Croatia


Partner in Slavonija and Baranja

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