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Energy Efficiency

Improving building and facility energy efficiency.

Socomec solutions, ranging from sensors to the wide choice of innovative, modular software packages, are driven by experts in energy efficiency. They meet the essential requirements of managers or operators of tertiary, industrial or local authority buildings, and make it possible to:

  • measure power consumption, identify sources of excess consumption, and raise occupant awareness
  • limit reactive energy and prevent associated tariff penalties
  • use the best tariffs, check supplier invoicing and accurately distribute energy bills amongst consumer entities.



Efficient control of energy costs begins with the precise measurement and centralized monitoring of all energy sources. Socomec offers a complete and high performance system for the measuring and remote consultation of real consumption of water, gas, electricity, etc. Opting for the VERTELIS software programs provides you with a control panel and indicators to help you get a better overview of your energy consumption. Any abnormal situation is immediately alerted and you will be able to easily evaluate your installation’s capacity and accept (or not) additional charges.


We have all the tools to help you reduce your expenditure! The precise and timely measurement and analysis of energy consumption show where to detect costly dysfunctions. What’s more, by modifying certain consumption practices on energy-intensive processes, you will be able to make cost savings of up to 30% on your energy bill.

Getting hit hard by reactive energy surcharges? Socomec solutions will help you avoid them and get your energy bill slimmed down.

Need to keep check on different sites? Opt for our solution to facilitate the monitoring and management of consumption based on individualized metering. In addition, the use of meters conforming to the MID directive (that guarantees the accuracy and tamper-resistance of metering) is an obligatory element in the charge back of kWh.



Showing you care about energy performance and economy sends an important message about collective and individual integrity. With VERTELIS, you can clearly display your results to colleagues, for example on digital totems. This real-time sharing of results will encourage them to join in your eco-responsible practices. Based on the results you get, you can communicate your ambitions for the future and easily highlight them in your annual reports.


Our Energy Efficiency engineer consultants are on-hand for audits of your installation through to the implementation and commissioning of the chosen solution for optimal impact.

Depending on your own specific performance requirements, we can offer:

- Increased service life of your equipment

- Reduced risk of break-downs

- Enhanced energy quality and output


Obtain the most up-to-date and demanding certifications that will greatly increase the value of your property assets and facilitate renting/leasing or resale.

Where and how to act? Detecting dysfunctions in a building is a prior condition before embarking on effective renovations, upgrades, etc. Once such objectives have been met, the VERTELIS HYPERVIEW® software renders your assets ‘transparent’ and enables you to show how you comply with energy-saving regulations. The ‘Green Note’ of your building will therefore be much higher.



Partner for Zagreb and Central Croatia


Partner in Slavonija and Baranja

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